So you want to create a company blog? This is great news. WordPress is truly a user-friendly platform that you can use to share your expertise in your field as well as communicate directly with your target audience. If you’re creating a WordPress design yourself, the good news is there are tons of WordPress themes to choose from – many of which are free and can be easily customized with the correct code knowledge. The following tips will help you impress users with your WordPress design.

Make it Recognizable

If you’re setting up a company blog think of it as an extension of your website. To be recognizable to your viewers, it needs to tie in somehow to your website and your company. The best way to do this is through the WordPress design. Elements such as the header, the footer, the side bar, the color scheme or the graphics can be used to make it recognizable to your viewers. Ideally you should rely on more than one element to tie it to your company. For example, try making the color scheme of your WordPress design your logo colors and place your logo somewhere in the blog header.

Include a Home Button on the Menu

Readers need a quick and easy way in your WordPress Design to get back to your home page. By adding a home button to your, you’re adding user convenience – they won’t need to use the back button or the URL to get to your home page. This makes navigating your that much easier and they’ll be much more likely to return because they didn’t get frustrated with the navigation.

Use a Familiar Layout

Being unique in your is one thing, but making your layout complicated and hard to read your posts is another thing. Count on the fact that your readers read several other blogs regularly. To make your blog easy to read the layout must be familiar so user navigation is easy. This can be done by using a popular layout format and your unique can be achieved in other elements of the blog.

Test, Test, Test

Similar to all web design, you have to test yours. This is the best way to iron out all the kinks and to make sure that user navigation is at its best. It will also show you how your will look to different users. Test in as many different browsers and on as many different platforms as you can. Have friends help you test your on different platforms and browsers. There is no such thing as testing your WordPress design enough.

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