Understandably, deciding to start a website, and actually going through the process of creating that site, is an exciting and potentially overwhelming experience. There are so many different things to choose from. The first things people think about are what they want their site to say, what they want it to look like, what they want it to offer to customers and viewers, and other considerations. But while these are very, very important elements to the site, they’re not the first things you need to consider.

Every good website is built on a solid structure. This means not just the design of the website itself, but where it’s hosted and the domain name at which it is located. These may not seem important from a user-end experience, but they really are because of how they allow the website to perform, and how accessible they allow the website to be.

Two of the most important components of all websites’ back ends are their UK web hosting and their domain names. Why do these matter? Well, in the case of the web hosting UK websites have, this determines how much space there is for their site to grow, and how much bandwidth there is for their readers to access information.

What about domain name registration? If you do a domain search, you’ll see that there are literally thousands of cheap domain names available. But not just any domain is right for you. Search engines assess domain name when determining how relevant a website is to what people are looking for. And people consider domain names when they decide whether a cite is worth clicking on.

In this case, for businesses serving clients within the UK, then.co.uk domains are the best choice. For clientele that is located worldwide, buy domain name rights to a.com domain.

In the best case scenario, you can get free domain names if you register your sites through a company that provides web hosting, and if you sign up for a qualifying web hosting package. Free domains may sound too good to be true, but they’re very much a reality. Web hosting is an ongoing relationship, so a UK web hosting company will often be likely to register your domain for you in exchange for choosing them to do business with. If the company provides good customer service and support at a good price, the domain name is an added bonus to an already advantageous business relationship.

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