Some thoughts from our pros about WordPress 5.0

If you have a WordPress website, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Gutenberg, WordPress’ new editor, presently available as a plug in and is expected to be the default in WordPress 5.0. Here at PMA we LOVE technology, and we love NEW technology – especially when it makes our client experience more seamless, and they achieve their objectives quicker and easier.

With all this talk about Gutenberg, we sat down with two of our WordPress pros to get their thoughts and tips to share with you.

For existing sites (our pros add) users are going to be frustrated on three fronts for a short period.

A lot to think about!

The big tip our pros wanted to pass along – Back up your site before any upgrade. But most importantly, you can’t afford any downtime for your website, if you are unsure at all about what this upgrade will do to your site, and don’t feel you have the tech skills (or time) to fix anything that breaks in the process, please reach out to a professional before making the switch.

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