With industrialization and globalization, a new kind of industry has come into being known as the small business. It has a limited capital starting from 5crores. With the boom in IT infrastructure many small-scale industries have also started using websites and blogs to promote their business. But as we all know each coin has two sides to it so doe’s use of IT and Net banking.

Hackers are the people who break through the system and steal and sell the personal and confidential information of an organization to its competitors. They always look for small or micro business organizations as they don’t have a high level of security and it is also very easy to hack into their systems.

These are the following sources available for the hackers:

The website or blog

With the advancement in technology, the small and micro businesses have blogs and websites to display their information. This website is connected through a server in the main motherboard with has all the information that is confidential to the business. Hackers tend to target the website or blog and reach the motherboard to get the information of transactions and the day to day dealings of a business.

Mobile phones or tablets

Since the scale of business is small and micro day to day dealings can be done through mobile or net banking. Since we all are careless about the security of our phones this gives the hackers a chance to get into our phones and tablets to hack the information about the transaction and sometimes steal important banking information and capsize the entire amount.


Emails are another source of getting information from the system. Hackers or spammers can send emails with advertisements or links that once clicked on can generate virus in the system which helps the hackers to steal the information.

Every problem has a remedy to it so does this one. Here are some ways in which we can protect our confidential information from being stolen.


Setting passwords on servers and Wi-Fi can be a proven way to protect any outsider from breaking into the system and cracking the information.


It is a process of encoding a message in such a way that only authorized parties can access it and those who do not have the authority cannot see or read it. It helps in keeping the information amongst trusted individuals.


Frequently updating the software allows us to keep the hackers away as they need time to figure out how to crack an update thus keeping our information safe and secure.

Security questions and creative answers

We should come up with unique and different answers for the security questions asked for the safety. The basic and general answers are a guess away.

Don’t link accounts

Linking the website with the bank account for easy transactions is a bad idea as for when the hackers hack into the website he also gets the access to the bank accounts.

Thus the small business can adopt these means to protect their data from hackers.

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