The recent opening of East London’s Tech City has given further momentum to the city of London in it’s attempts to become the major location for new internet start-ups and small businesses in Europe, citing these new technologies as providing ideal growth for the future. It is fair to say that Tech City is not the only important development in this city, though, and just serves as a headline for the media who placed a spotlight on this particular news item.

Aside from this Google-funded change there have also been several other communities of tech-related small businesses occurring elsewhere in this large city whose population continues to swell. There has been a growing demand for web developers and programmers to cover the new opportunities created by these start-ups and many of these places have been filled by new arrivals in the UK who have quickly adapted to the rising demand in London for people with their skills.

The youthful nature of London’s population also is ideal for these equally young companies who cannot always offer the security that older employees might require. The ability to be at the cutting edge of new technologies and ideas will always appeal to those who are looking to push themselves aggressively forward.

There has been a fluctuating recession with in the UK since around 2008 but despite this there are still many who are willing to risk everything in pursuit of their dream business, and feel able to cope with the difficult economic climate. Young start-ups have the advantage that such businesses may actually need very little capital to get going, with just a few staff and low overheads reducing the risk greatly on potential losses.

Web developers from Eastern Europe and Asia continue to be drawn to London because of the burgeoning web scene where opportunities for those with the necessary skills are wide ranging and to suit any possible type of role one might desire.

London holds an impressive array of small to medium sized design agencies as well as a host of corporate companies who fit in a range of different industries, such as Finance, Local Government and Commerce. Many web employees will try roles out at different types of companies before deciding upon which they prefer, be it the flexibility and fast-moving nature of small companies or the relative stability of the larger corporate firms.

The current Government, as at 2013, have realised the importance of tech companies for the future, too, and have started to add their own schemes on top of private sector-led campaigns to aid and encourage the next generations of UK entrepreneurs and tech-minded individuals.

Source by Tom Gurney

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