WordPress is by far the most efficient and loved content management tool that exists. Many websites are powered by WordPress from blogs to full blown marketing company sites. What’s more, you can make substantial amounts of online money using this CRM tool. There are many things you can do using a WordPress powered website and earn income. Alternatively, there are features and things you can develop and sell for WordPress users. If you are looking for how to make money on WordPress and earn income, here are a few proven ways to try out.

Selling Plugins

Everyone who has used WordPress knows how hectic running it without plugins can be. In fact, it is plugins that enable different tasks to be accomplished. WordPress offers numerous plugins for its users. Some are free while others are premium. If you know how to develop plugins, you can check what other people are selling and design a better option that may interest your users. These plugins can then be sold to wholesaler sites that purchase and retail them. Indeed, this is one of the most reliable ways of how to make money on WordPress.

Designing WordPress themes

Everyone likes a nicely designed and transitional theme for their website and this is the same for WordPress users. Like plugins, there are free and premium themes. You can design elegant themes and sell them. If you are a web designer or developer, creating spectacular themes will not be a problem and you can make a lot of money selling these themes.

Blogging with WordPress

This is the most renowned way to make money and there are thousands of bloggers. WordPress is the simplest blogging tool available and it was originally designed for this purpose. Even for beginners, quickly learning how to install WordPress and start blogging. The more you continue using WordPress in blogging, the easier it becomes and one can effortlessly graduate from novice bloggers to experts.

WordPress consultation

Not everyone knows how to use WordPress and they require consultation services to help them come to par with the tool. If you are an expert and understand the ins and outs of this CRM tool, you can offer consultation services to small and medium businesses for a small fee.

Content writing

The ways of how to make money on WordPress cannot be complete without mentioning content writing. Writing high quality WordPress blog contents for large corporations and businesses is another way of making money using this tool. Pro blogger, Elance, Job board and Odesk among others all offer opportunities for WordPress content writing and pay money for approved content.


WordPress is used by millions across the world. It is very user friendly and easy to learn which is why more websites created today are run with it. The above-mentioned how to make money on WordPress tips are only a few. The internet has limitless opportunities for making money and WordPress is the facilitator needed to accomplish this.

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