Each passing day, technology is emerging and using these latest innovations in the technological field, smart web development services are booming. For instance, consider the market for eCommerce business. A few years ago, people couldn’t even think of buying necessary things online and now, this has almost become a fashion! Using the remarkable Magento web development services, entrepreneurs are now delving into the eCommerce business. However, making an online store having alluring web design and offering captivating user-experience is not everything! To be the ace in the contending market, you should pay utter attention to the security check on the website as well.

Why Do You Need Security for Online Magento eCommerce Store?

Magento is an open-source system; anyone can use it for free of cost. This is one of the main reasons why this web development platform has gained worldwide recognition. Just like everything has a good and a ‘not-so-good’ side associated with it, Magento is no exception. There are many organizations or persons (read hackers) out there, who are waiting for the chance to find the slightest security breach so that they can gain by an inappropriate way. More frustratingly, some of these persons are even trying to create such improper opportunities!

Magento’s Role

Magento is releasing latest security patches often to deal with the security exploits. The eCommerce business owners along with their respective development partners should not ignore these security patches at all. As soon as possible, upgrade your eCommerce store website with these security patches.

Crucial Security Patches by Magento

In the year 2015, Magento came up with the security patch SUPEE-5344, the Shoplift Bug patch. Magento introduced this security patch to cater the business owners by preventing store hijacking. Hence, if you still haven’t applied this patch to your online store, do it now. Later another two security patches set their feet in the market. Those are SUPEE-7405 patch and SUPEE-8788 patch.

What Should You Do?

Whether you belong to the merchant’s side (store manager managing daily operations, store owner) or the development team’s side, it is advisable to run a quick and smart security check on the online store simply by running the website through the MageReport scan.

How Does MageReport Work?

Once you run your eCommerce website through the MageReport scan, you would get to know your website’s security status. The report would let you know whether you have installed all the Magento security patches or not. Moreover, this scan would help you to diminish some smaller security threats.

After the scanning process, if you notice that most of the scan results are orange coloured or red coloured, bad news for you! Yes, this means your website security is not in good shape in terms of the security. On the other hand, if colour of scan report is green, no need to panic at all as it means your website security status is up to the mark.

Next Thing to Do

Keep calm and do not take too many stresses if the scan report is mostly in red colour. This is the time to act smartly. Immediately contact your dedicated web development team and together, sort out an effective plan to overcome this issue.

It is not that the scan report would always show 100% authentic result. This happens as Magento doesn’t have authority to access your eCommerce store’s code directly. Hence, you need to ask your web development team about this matter and to solve the issues.

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