People buy from a website because it offers a decent product and gives the feeling that it is a safe place to shop from. What helps tell visitors that your website is safe is if you display certified security seal logo's prominently on your website. Nowadays, visitors have to exercise a bit of keenness when buying, especially online. Visitors look for a website that they feel they can trust. There are thousands of online businesses which offer the same products that are sought after. Visitors usually short list these companies. And, increasingly, visitors do it by checking if the website has a security seal or not.

This manner of thinking is what clever website owners take advantage of. Of course, as a business owner, you want visitors to buy from your website. Given that your products and services are reasonable good in terms of quality and value, you still have to find ways to be unique from other competing websites. Subscribing to a website seal is an easy way to give yourself breathing space from your cutthroat competition online. These site seals are an opportunity for you to prove that your website can reach people's high expectations and can be trusted. And of course, your competitors are more than willing to do anything to increase sales. What you can do is hop on the site seal bandwagon early before your competitors catch on and enjoy more sales for months before they figure out what happened to their sales!

Here are the most common reasons how web seals increase sales:

  1. Web seals build trust and confidence on online websites. To be given certification is generally an easy process. Once a company is certified, it is subject to certain rules and regulations to promote honest online business trading. If the company violates any of them, it will be de-certified. Having a valid certification indicates your website is trustable, thus boosting sales
  2. Web seals bring in a bigger volume of online customers. If you compare the website activity of a website with a valid website sealv versus a website without this accreditation, you will certainly notice a big difference in the number of visitors. Not only that, visitors stay longer on a website if it has a web seal. This is because visitors tell their friends of a website they feel they can trust, and visitors that trust a website stay on that website longer and take it more seriously.
  3. An increased number of a website's visitors can mean a higher sales conversion. If people know that the website they are considering to buy from is secure, they will hesitate far less to buy from it. Every visitor on your website is more likely to purchase from you. This is an unbelievable sales boost increase alone. More visitors and more sales (%) per visitor.

These are just the few common ways site seals increase sales. This is why many webmasters are very inclined to adding web seals on their websites. More earnings for little cost and little effort is quite appealing. There isn't much talk about web site seals online because the businesses currently using them don't want the competition to know. Now you know why your sales don't seem to increase, it's your competition is gobbling them all up via their site seals! It's time you even out the playing field.

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