Well, this is an undeniable fact that for any site, one of the crucial concerns is the security. Even though Drupal claims that it is the safest and secure Content Management System (CMS) out there, you need to understand that nothing is entirely flawless, there is always a room for betterment. The same thing is applicable for this Drupal platform. Obviously, you can develop secure websites using this feature-rich and impeccable web development platform but here is a list of a few security modules offered by Drupal that would fortify the websites more than ever. Read on to know why most of the developers prefer these security modules.

#1 Login Security

The gateway to a website is the login page. Hence, this fact needs no extra clarification that this the most unsafe page. Using the ‘Login Security’ module, you can enable top-notch security to the login page of a Drupal website. What does this module offer? Read on.

→ You can block specific IP addresses from logging in to your website

→ You can set a limit to the total number of invalid login attempts just before blocking any particular account

→ You would get a notification through email of invalid login attempts

However, Login Security is available from Drupal version 7 onwards.

#2 Google Apps Authentication

With the help of this module, users have to log into the Drupal websites with credentials of the Google account. With Google’s reputation, the accessibility and security are not only acceptable but also impressive.

#3 Two-Factor Authentication

This is a popular measure of security. Most of the worldwide popular websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google and Instagram use this authentication for security purposes. The moment a user logs into the website, user’s phone immediately receives a security code via SMS. The user needs to enter the security code to log in. This module is available as Alpha release for the Drupal version 8 and for the versions below it, this module is available as stable.

#4 Captcha

Well, Captcha is useful to get rid of spam bots and spammers. The stable version of this module is for the version 7 Drupal and Beta version is for Drupal 8.

#5 Security Review

Looking for an all-in-one Drupal security kit? This module would come very handy then. It not only analyses the website against different security threats but also does regular security checks. If it identifies any of the security measures at out-of-place or missing, it instantly notifies you. Moreover, it recommends necessary steps to take to avert the complicated situation.

So, these were some of the most popular security measures for a Drupal website. However, other options are also available in the market that can add extra security to a website.

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