When you need to strike a balance between a number of things like quality, functionality and cost, you automatically choose the golden mean that could give you a little bit of everything! A tool like WordPress offers businesses with just the right mix of features, functionality and the final quality. With rich built in features and numerous plug-ins to enhance the functionality, WordPress is today's most preferred CMS for rapid development and deployment of websites for both large and small businesses.

Here's what makes WordPress the most preferred choice for website development today:

Quick and simple installation

WordPress is easy to begin with. The installation is simple and more importantly quick. All you need to do is enter some basic information and you are good to go! You can either do a full installation or a customized one.

Website themes

WordPress comes with a few built in themes, you can directly use these themes to quickly create your website. Well, if you wish to, you can also customize these themes and make them more suitable for your business. Website themes are available directly from WordPress or are provided by third party. You can easily tailor them to use your business branding colors and your strategies.

Website functionality

WordPress includes rich built in features. It is a complete content management system that allows you to easily and efficiently manage and update web pages and blogs. You can efficiently update, change or delete content and images within a few clicks and without too much technical support from developers. It also facilitates addition and deletion of features by adding or removing plug-ins – these plug-ins ensure that your business gets extended functionality to further your strategic goals.

Open source

WordPress is open source. It is built with PHP. It also means that it is available under the general license and can be used without purchasing a separate license. The source code is available too, which means that a WordPress developer can easily take a look at the code, develop it further and build creatively customized web apps. The developers incur no costs at the beginning and hence can deliver the apps to customers at a very affordable rate.

Self updating

WordPress is self updating which means that it automatically discovers that your installation is of an older version and provides you with a message saying that you need to upgrade. Upgrades are available for both the basic installation or for individual plug-ins. All you need to do is to click on the link that is available and your WordPress will be automatically updated.

It is a common understanding that WordPress is a blogging platform. But, it has evolved over the years into a very futuristic platform that not only helps create amazing blog sites, but also powers full fledged websites with all the features that are required for businesses and large enterprises.

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