There are many reasons why you should go for website security testing the top five are mentioned here.

* To avoid malwares installed:

One of the top reasons to check your website security is to avoid the malwares that are installed by the hackers on your website. These malwares infect the visitor's web browser. Search engines have a very sophisticated way of detecting such malwares and block your websites before you even know what is wrong with your site. This could result to a great loss in visitor traffic to your website and also loss of ranking on the proclaimed search engines. Believe me you don't want this to happen to your site.

* To gain trust of your customers:

The customers visiting your website are well aware of online buying threats. The best way to gain their confidence in your website is to get security website seals on your website. It is also an indirect way of increasing visitors' traffic to your website and keeping the hackers at bay. Generally the hackers don't waste time on such sealed websites.

* For the security of personal data:

You may never realize when and how the hackers got the access to your personal data unless one fine day you learn that from your competitors or web search. By the time you come to know it might be too late for you and then you think how such small negligence can hamper your business. If this happens your reputation in the online payment world gets crashed.

* To avoid SPAM mails:

If receiving SPAM mails does not sound that malicious to you; please think again. First of all you must think how come you are receiving unwanted emails? It's obviously because you have been hacked. An email account receiving multitude of spam mails could get terminated from the web hosting company.

* To block redirection to black listed web links:

A web security check will block the hackers from redirecting the visitors of your site to other sites. This will also block them from replacing the contents of your page to unwanted advertisements which could be obscene or spam advertisements or even worse gambling sites. Think about what impression you might leave on the visitors if that happens to your site, it's better to get the security check done rather than getting shunned by the potential customers.


Better get the website security check done by the reputed online security providing companies than losing the privileged ranking on the search engine websites and the valuable visitor's traffic. Once the ranking is lost and bad impression created on the customer it could take months to gain the original position back. These online security companies also give website security certificate for your enhanced credit.

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