One of the main reasons that a medical website is constructed is for physician marketing. It is there to enable a doctor to spread the news about his / her services and other offerings to a wider market. However, what many may not know is that a website could be used for more than that. Aside from being able to market or promote your skills, you could actually use it as "productivity software" for your practice.

Of course, to be able to use "productivity software," a medical professional should get a website design that not only focuses on physician marketing, but also on other factors that would help make it easy to transform into "productivity software" for your company .

Here are some factors to consider when attempting integrating productivity features into a website mainly aimed for physician marketing.


• In a website aimed for physician marketing, site security is not that much of an issue. After all, you would not have to store or access private data in your servers as you would only use it for promotions. However, once you start using it to do billing, retrieve records or other similar tasks, you would need to enhance your site security as you are now using confidential information.

• You might consider getting a private and secure server that would help in ensuring the safety of the files that you would be working with.

Site Maintenance

• All things considered, with a physician marketing website, maintenance is not that difficult or time consuming. You would simply update content, fix typos, add new links, or add new images over time. This is in stark contrast to productivity suites where you must always be on your guard for "bugs" or other things that may crash your system.

• Aside from site updates, you should talk to your web design partner about having someone do site maintenance for the productivity software that you plan to install on your website.

Site Design

• A difference exists between the design of a site that is primarily used for site promotions, and a site that would be integrated with productivity software. When you are using a site just for promotions, you can be as flashy as you want. You can fill the site with brilliant colors and other items that would make it more attractive.

• However, once you start using your website for additional productivity uses such as filling out forms, using it for billing or other kinds of uses for your practice, you may want it to look a bit more professional, more user friendly, and less intimidating . Site design is usually based on functionality first, and that is based on the preferences of the medical professional and practice owner.

• By following the tips mentioned above, you would now be in possession of a multipurpose website. Not only would you be able to promote your services and businesses to people online, but also help the practice become more efficient and productive.

Source by Philippa Kennealy

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