GDI or Global Domains International is a web hosting company, based in San Diago, Ca. GDI promotes and markets domain and is the brainchild of Michael Reed and Alan Ezeir. While GDI has been in the marketplace since 1999, they are a relative newcomer to the MLM world. Let's take an unbiased look behind the scenes to see what GDI is all about.

What is extension?

Most people familiar with the internet know, and have seen websites with extensions. Those outside the United States are also familiar with the extensions that have been assigned to their country, for example Canada has extension, the United Kingdom extension, and the United States extension.

The Samoan Government has been assigned the, and GDI has worked out an agreement for the exclusive rights to market extension for domain names world wide.

The Good:

For $ 10 a month GDI will offer your own domain name, website hosting, 10 email addresses, and web site builder. They also offer a free 7 day trial period, for those people just "window shopping".

They also offer each affiliate a business plan with income up to 5 levels deep, for any person you introduce to GDI. While this is a modest $ 1.00 a month (and yes there are specials and bonuses), you are getting a 10% "piece of the action" of their $ 10 a month income.

The Bad:

While GDI is definitely using 22nd century technology to bring the Internet to the common person, I do not see and 22nd century marketing and training from the company. For the modest investment needed to start with GDI, I do understand that the company can't do everything. It will be up to those individual associates who are truly interested in pursuing a venture with GDI to make that investment and get some some professional marketing training outside of the company.

In Conclusion:

GDI is providing a product that everyone who has a presence on the internet needs. The output of their website builder is comparable to other products on the market, and their "buy in" of $ 10.00 a month is rather modest.

Teaming up with a good network marketing training company, a future with GDI looks very promising.

Source by Patrick Logan

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