An up to date website is a crucial asset for a business to remain competitive. Selecting the right web CMS can definitely make a difference between a site that can stand the test of time and the one that needs to be recreated over and over again. Selecting an extensible CMS platform presents numerous key benefits to the stakeholders and developers. And such a platform can also accommodate varied add-ons to extend the capabilities of the website and provide additional benefits.

Embracing an open source platform can help you continue to expand and implement it quickly. We evaluated various platforms on the basis of security, support system, integration and up-gradation and business profitability. Our research led us to select DotNetNuke CMS as the best option. Let's take a look at the reasons behind it.

Choosing DotNetNuke development can help you to concentrate more on your business requirements rather than spend time on creating functionalities and features to augment the website. DNN is a popular platform that can easily extend to offer customized functionalities that customers require. It has the ability to scale as the business grows and changes.

Full content management : A DNN development company can help you to create a site where you can change any content through a web browser. The platform includes modules like drag and drop, version compare and auto save features and content approval workflows. The document library has cloud support that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft SharePoint for list support and publishing.

Security system : The enhanced security system of DNN enables the administrators to have full control on who can access what files. This makes it easy to share confidential files and financial report with the top management people. The security features include, active directory authentication provider, security roles, granular permissions and etc.

Extended functionalities: DNN is an expandable platform and its unique functionalities permit easy and smooth DotNetNuke up-gradation and leverage from the power that already exists. It also allows integration of third party vendor add-ons for the ultimate flexibility.

Speed ​​of the website : A slow website depicts revenue loss and in this competitive market everyone wants instant results. Slow load times can bring in high bounce rates and this can affect the SEO ranking of the site. The efficient code base of DotNetNuke development allows the site to pace faster than ever.

Cost effective : If we talk about reduced cost in terms of modules, extensions designs and skins, then DNN migration from any other platform can solve the purpose. Users can select their desired business designs and free extensions and easily integrate them into their existing applications.

Thus, to conclude we can say that DNN offers a suite of solutions to create a rich and rewarding online experience for the customers, employees as well as partners. The technology has powered more than 750,000+ websites and will continue to create solutions that are the best means to future proof current investments.

Source by Natasha Bhardwaj

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