Domain extension meanings describe what the domain extension is intended to be used for. These meanings include three main types of extensions, .com, .org, and .net. The domain extension .com is intended for business or commercial use and is the most recognized and widely used of all the different types of extensions. The .org and .net stand for organization and network. The .org extension is intended for non-profit and trade organizations while .net is intended for businesses that are directly involved with the basic framework of the Internet.

Other examples of types of domain extensions include .biz, .us, .info, and .mobi. The domain extension meanings for those four types of  extensions are very unique. The .biz extension is intended for small online businesses. The .us extension, one of the newer ones, is intended for United States businesses. The .info domain extension is intended for information-resource sites and .mobi is for mobile device websites.

Types of domain extensions like and .eu have country specific meanings. For example, is the Internet code for the United Kingdom and .eu is intended for the European Union.

There are even types of  extension used for personal websites. The domain extension .me can be used for family related websites, a personal blog, or even a creative endeavor like showing your poetry or other artistic accomplishments. Another personal domain extension is .name.

Educational and governmental domain extensions include .edu, .gov, and .us. The .edu is intended for college level or post secondary websites, the .gov is intended for United States governmental agencies, and .us is also used for public schools and state and local governmental agency websites.

Another type of domain extension is .cn. This extension is intended for and registered by organizations and businesses from various different countries. Since television and entertainment play a huge role on a global level it would be inappropriate to leave out the .tv or domain extensions. These extensions are used by people, businesses, or any other organization with video, entertainment or media websites.

The diversity of the different types of domain extensions associated with the various domain extension meanings is vast and unique.

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