1. Hosted Customer Relationship Management Solutions Use Less Resources

In a study of UK companies it has been shown that a Hosted CRM Solution will usually use far less resources than its software counterpart. As you are using a web based CRM instead of offline CRM software everything will be accessible via the internet, this placement means that while you may be using fewer resources your small business CRM solution will be serving more customers. This has been shown to have a very positive effect on overall business growth as you are able to provide levels of customer service usually reserved for the bigger corporations in the UK that have such a large customer service demand that they can justify the large cost of a large scale offline CRM solution.

2. Hosted CRM Solutions Requires No Software Deployment

With traditional CRM solutions you would have to provide server software, client PC software, all the PCs and servers that your small business would be using and of course the staff resources to maintain and install the hardware and software for you. Hosted eCRM services require a simple PC and a high speed internet connection, this reduction in requirements means that you can streamline your workforce and even have people working from home or in different countries where you are able to reduce you payroll bill.

3. A Web Based CRM Solution Reduces the Strain on Your I.T. Department

If you had to host your own online CRM then there would have been many expensive elements that would have been required in order to build an efficient online CRM solution. As well as the burden of deploying the software which could take many months, you would have needed to take into account server costs, and employing a dedicated I.T. staff to make sure everything runs smoothly. With a setup like this it would not take many unfortunate events before you are wishing you had simply opted for a hosted customer relationship management service.

4. Hosted Customer Relationship Management Services Require Less Equipment

If you have a look at most of the I.T. departments in the UK with companies not running a hosted CRM solution, you will find a technical Aladdin’s Cave of occupationally unnecessary equipment. You will find: Oscilloscopes, Spectrum Analyzers, Signal Generators, Multimeters, Network Analyzers, Logic Analyzers, Power Meters and Frequency Counters each of these can cost in the thousands when bought new and even then they will only be used when something goes wrong. It’s like buying a golden cast for when you jump out of a 3rd floor balcony when it would have been a lot cheaper and less painful to simply take the stairs.

Source by Stephen Allday

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